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Museums & Attractions

Museum and attractions can use XCO Springboard to provide a unique information platform. Keep visitors, guests, tourists, and members up-to-date on all exhibits, objects, attractions, schedules, profiles, blogs, event highlights, wayfinding and much more. With XCO Springboard, the possibilities for engaging are endless.

Sponsorship and advertising functionality is a major benefit of XCO Springboard. The solution enables organizations to create revenue streams with a measurable ROI for new and existing sponsors. Our Content Management System (CMS) allows organizations to easily manage this critical aspect and everything other detail of a branded smartphone App.

Manage all mobile content for your organization
    Images of Objects, Exhibits, and Attractions with Layered Content
    Video to Improve The Guest Experience
    Audio to Enhance a Virtual Tour
    Text and Commentary Managed by Your Organization
    Links to Existing Web Pages
    Social Networking and Blogs for Sharing
    Polls and Surveys with Demographic Data Collection
    Promotions and Coupons for Earned Income Opportunities
    Memberships and Additional Standard or Premium Services
    Profiles, Maps-Wayfinding-Points of Interest with Multilingual Capabilities
    Schedules, Updates, Policies, and Emergency Procedures
    Flexible Sponsorship and Advertising Platform with Measurable ROI